Track lights make a comeback
Track lights make a comeback

Track lights make a comeback

You probably remember them from Home decor magazines of the 80s, Track Lights were excessively used in that era both commercially and in residential interiors. Now they make a strong comeback being used as a reference for contemporary, modern design.

With their practicality, elegance, and soft distribution of light across longer distances using only one electrical box like regular lighting fixtures use, they gain more audience.

Basically, they can be used to illuminate a certain wall or feature in your room, giving it a “Museum effect” to highlight it. Moreover, they can be used to distribute general illumination, simply depending on the requirements of your space.

How to use Track Lights in your interior layout

A recent client asked us specifically to integrate Track Lights into the lighting design of his Living/ Dining area. The goal was to create a pleasant, balanced and cosy illumination throughout the whole area, even in the kitchen that lacks any windows_ but open to the dining zone. Below you can see a 3D Floor Plan of our Interior Design layout.

3D Floor Plan

Our solution was to use wall finishes, furniture and a combination of different lighting systems to reach a a pleasant and harmonized Interior setting in the space

The floor/ walls finishes and furniture items were chosen according to neutral, Scandinavian earth tones and minimalistic design. The lighting choices were a combination of Track lights, Floor Lamps and Targeted Lighting fixtures, in accordance to the function and location of each zone.

Issues to consider when choosing Track lights system

When choosing Track Lights system, there are certain points to think about:

  • If you want it to blend in with the surrounding_ and let other elements of your interior be the Star of the space_, choose colours that match the ceiling
  • Although this can be very variable according to space requirements; but usually the Tracks should be aligned to the longest direction in the room
  • Try not to locate the tracks exactly above the seaters heads, but rather above the items in front of them
  • When highlighting walls; light tracks should be placed within 50-90cm from the wall, can be increased if the ceiling is higher than usual

There are many more aspects and advantages to using Track Lights, that´s why this trend is not expected to vanish any time soon!

We´re happy to see your reflections and inquiries in the comments below.