Apartment K: Interior Renovation

This is an Interior Design project to renovate a 75 sq.m apartment in Saudi Arabia, with focus on the Living Room, Dining and Bedroom areas. The original condition of the apartment required full renovation; including repainting the walls, removing unwanted wall panels, furnishing layout using existing (Kitchen, Sofas, Book cabinets) and introduce new lighting fixtures. 

In my proposal, I used the Large Bedroom1 as the new Living Room, and Bedroom 2 as the Main Bedroom, and the area adjacent to the Kitchen was used as a Dining room with a reading corner and Console near the entrance.

The challenge was to find furniture items that can fit well with the existing dark Brown Doors and Kitchen Finishes. I applied modern and minimalistic furniture from IKEA latest collection, after changing the color of the floor to a light beige wooden Floor finish. The new items with their lighter tones of wood, would match ideally with the new floor color and even with the existing Kitchen and other furniture Items (the two Sofas would be nice in a new light grey cover).

Upon client´s wish, new paint colors were chosen for different walls and Bathroom doors, that were all selected from Jotun and inspired by the existing- or newly chosen furniture and Interior finishes.