My IKEA Favourite Items
My IKEA Favourite Items

My IKEA Favourite Items

IKEA Items take the Scene

This is not a paid add, but rather a description of a recent Interior Design project I had the fun creating with my client, who wished to choose as many items from IKEA as possible.

The project was set in the middle east, far far away from the origin of the famous Scandinavian Home furnishing retailer, however, the client was mentioning fondly how approachable Ikea items are, and how much he wished to bring a sense of the Scandinavian Home coziness into his own apartment renovation project.


Buskbo Armchair

The organic architecture of its design and its curved, intricate details take your imagination instantly to tropical scenery and sunny places. With matching cushioning, suitable lighting and a good book, this armchair can be your “Happy Place”.

Risbyn Pendant

This Pendant can turn your everyday into a wondrous event, set in a fictive tale. The mellow tone of its luminance, along with its light weighted design, create a calm and relaxing feeling for the room.

Björksnäs Nightstand

The Birch-finished Nightstand is a classic Scandinavian Design beauty. With its minimal form, practical function and neutral colours, this nightstand can elevate the look and feel of a bedroom effortlessly.

Kyrre Seat

Another Scandinavian Design Classic item that Ikea reinvented through out the years. This Birch-finished elegant seat has endless uses; whether as a stool, a Dining chair, a nightstand or a decorative item as it is. The smooth lines and warm finish capture instant attention!


Sinnerlig Pendant

This Bamboo lattice Lamp shade was handcrafted carefully which gives every item its unique character